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Here are the numbered sets in volleyball:

Outside Hits:

Four (4) - Set inside the antenna but still high.

Five (5) - Very high set past the antenna.

Middle Hits:

Two (2) - High set right in front of the setter.

One (1) - Very low set right in front of the setter.

Three (3) - Low set about three to four feet from the setter between Outside and Middle hitter spots.

Right Side Hits:

Nine (9) - High back set to almost to the antenna.

Six (6) - Lower back set more towards the inside of the antenna than a nine.

Back Hits:

Pike - A set to the middle back position

"A" - A set to the right back position.

"D" - A set to the left book position.

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Do you mean a returning sequence? This is the prefered returning sequence: Bump, then set, then spike. Hope this helps? From, Me

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The preferred order of hits is the bump/forearm pass, the set, then the spike.

You're welcome.

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first with your hands in a fist, throw the ball and keep going back and forth back and forth until someone misses

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bump, set, spike!

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Q: What are the numbered sets in volleyball?
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How many sets in volleyball?

3 sets

What are two types of passes in volleyball?

Bumps, Sets or Spikes

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How many sets in a volleyball game?

international games: 4 sets 25 points basis 5 sets if a draw. 5th sets will be on 15 point basis the other 4 sets 25points basis

How many sets do they play in womens volleyball?

3 sets in a volley ball game but you need 25 points to win a set

How many quarters are in a volleyball game?

There are no quarters in a volleyball game. Their called "sets" its a game and you either play best 2 of 3 or 3 of 5.

In volleyball what is an assist?

an assist in volleyball is when a setter sets the ball to the hitter for a kill

What is the quicker in volleyball?

A quick set in volleyball is when the setter sets the middle player at a very low height to surprise the other team at the speed of the ball.

William g Morgan quotes or saying?

Volleyball captivates the mind, and sets communication to another level.

If the cards are numbered from 1 to 8 what is the chance of picking a 6 from the box?

The answer depends on how many sets of 1-8 numbered cards are in the box, how many are drawn and whether or not they are replaced after drawing.

How is beach volleyball different then standard volleyball?

Here are some differences:Beach volleyball typically has 2 players per side, while standard volleyball has 6 players per side.Standard volleyballs are made of leather and are heavier than beach volleyballs.Indoor courts are larger than outdoor courts.In standard volleyball, a match is 5 sets or games.In beach volleyball, a match is the best of 3 games.

What is the definition of the volleyball term set assist?

The Term "Assist" in volleyball is when someone hits the ball into the net on your side of the court and a different team mate hits the ball after it falls out of the net. Generally the hit is directed to the opposite side of the net.