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Q: What are the number on England cricket caps?
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How many England caps does John Terry have?

51 England caps.

Where is cricket from?

england. England invented cricket in the 1800s.

How many caps for England has steven Gerrard had?

72 senior England caps.

Which country has the most number of test playing cricket grounds?

The country england have the most test cricket grounds

Maximum number of centuries in first class cricket?

Jack Hopes(England) 197 Centuries in First Class Cricket

Why is cricket still associated with England?

I don't think its actually true that cricket is only associated with England; cricket is the number one sport in several countries - India, Australia and Bangledesh come to mind. However, cricket originated in England and the headquarters is traditionally at Lord's in London - although the ICC is actually in Dubai.

Who is the Rugby player called Nick who plays for England and Harlequins?

Nick Easter England and Harlequins number 8 47 caps for England but no longer in the England squad

Why is cricket played in England?

Cricket is not played in England its played in India!

Was cricket national game of England earlier?

It has been from the start . That is England's national sport . England is the birthplace of cricket . It is refered to as home of cricket .

How many people play cricket in England?

The official website for English cricket estimates that the number of people in England who play cricket is around 500,000.,2841,QA.html

If NZ Cricket team is Black Caps What is Australia's Cricket Team called?

They don't have such names.

Which cricket team has played highest number of one day internationals.?


What is the name for the nz cricket team?

The Black Caps

What is the name of the Auckland cricket team?

black caps or

What colour are Australian cricket caps?

Baggy green

Is cricket a national sport of England?

Cricket is the national summer sport of England.

Who plays cricket for England?

Me & Kevin Peterson plays cricket for England

In which country was cricket born?

England is the motherland of cricket

Which is the oldest Cricket Ground in England?

Lords Cricket Ground is the oldest in England.

Which is the oldest Cricket Team in England?

Sussex is the oldest Cricket Team of England.

When was England cricket team created?

England cricket team was created in 1877.

Cricket is originated from which country?

Cricket is originated in England. if you want to know all the interesting information Visit stumpsandbails

Which Qpr player has the most England caps?

David Andrews has the most caps for a QPR England player - 75.

Where did cricket start?

Cricket started in England

Where did cricket oringinate from?

cricket orignated from england

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