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Check this site for the latest football rules;

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Q: What are the new football rules and regulations for the current year?
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What year did soccer start?

Modern soccer (association football) started in 1863 in England, where the current rules were formulated.

In what year was the Australian Rules football club The Port Adelaide Football Club Established?

the year 1996

What year were the first rules for American Football written?

In 1876

What is the best game for A year old?

Aussie rules football

Where can you find the rules of NCAA football?

How many years can you play football under NCAA rules?

Under current NCAA rules a player has five years to play four years. This means they are able to sit out or redshirt one year without penalty.

What year was Indiana university's current football stadium built?

1970 i belive

When did aviation regulation begin?

Aviation regulation really began after WW1 and continued with different rules and regulations every year since then.

When will the current capital gains rates sunset?

If they do not change the rules before the end of the year 2010 they will change in the year 2011.

With regards to the history of football what happend in the year 1863?

The first Football Association was formed in London and the rules of Association Football (Laws of the game) were written by Ebenezer Cobb Morley captain of the Barnes Football Club.

In what age did Walter Camp invent football?

Walter Camp was approximately 21 years old in 1880, the year he proposed the base rules of what would become football. The first rules of "modern" football established the line of scrimmage and the center to (quarter) back snap.

Who is the Nigerian football team manager?

Lars Lagerbäck is the current manger, who just started this year.

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