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Q: What are the ncaa division 1-A basketball schools?
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How many NCAA division 1A basketball teams are there in US?

There are currently 347 teams in NCAA Division 1 Basketball.

Ncaa division 1A schools without football programs?

Xavier is one.

How many NCAA division 1A college football teams are there?

As of the 2007 season, there are 119 Division 1A teams in the NCAA.

Have any schools won multiple NCAA Division 1A national championships in both basketball and football?

Florida in 2006 is it. Michigan State University 1950 and 60's in football. '79 and '00 for basketball.

How many college football teams are in division 1A?

As of the 2008 season, there are 119 colleges that play NCAA Division 1A football.

Which ncaa division 1a schools have a Heisman winner and have won national championships in both basketball and football?

university of Florida, Ohio state university, ucla, and Michigan. maybe some more. Syracuse

Which ncaa division 1a football team is the youngest?

Your mother

How many NCAA football divisions are there?

There are 4 divisions division 1a, division 1aa, division 2, and division 3

How many NCAA football teams are there?

There are 119 division 1a teams.

How many division 1a basketball teams?


Who is the longest serving Current NCAA division 1A coach?

Joe Paterno

How many ncaa division 1a college football teams in Texas?


How many Division 1 NCAA baseball teams are there?

there are currently 211 division 1A college baseball programs

Which NCAA division 1A football team has the lowest average SAT score?


What ncaa division 1A football program has the most all time victories?


What year did the university of south Florida move up to Ncaa division 1a football?


Which NCAA division 1A team has most consecutive wins at home in college football?

Boise State

What NCAA Division 1A football team has the most wins since 2001?

University of southern California

Which ncaa Division 1A team has been to most consecutive bowls?

Florida State with 26 straight.

Which team won an NCAA football championship but was not ranked in the top ten on defense?

Just a guess.....BYU in 1984. * but it is not an "NCAA" championship in Division 1a. The NCAA calls them a "national poll champion".

What is the maximum number of scholarship players allowed on a division one NCAA football team?

For Division 1A, 85 players may be on scholarship. For Division 1AA, 63 players.

Who won girls 1a basketball Texas state tournament?

Smyer won division 1,Neches won division 2

Who is NCAA division 1a career total touchdown leader?

Curtis Theodor Black has the most touchdowns in NCAA histroy... I watched it 76 in one season i watched it

What year did the University of North Texas move up to NCAA Division 1A in football?

North Texas left Division I-A after the 1982 season and returned in 1995.

Who is the NCAA Division 1A career passing total yardage leader?

Ty Detmer, who played at Brigham Young University between 1988-1991, holds the NCAA Division 1-A career passing yardage record with 15,031.