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The top three teams in Spain are Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia.

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real madrid


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Q: What are the names of three famous spanish soccer teams?
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Three famous spanish soccer teams?

Real Madrid.Barcelona.Valencia.

What are 3 names of spanish soccer teams?

Three spanish teams are: F.C Barcelona Real Madrid F.C Athletico Madrid

What are three famous Spanish soccer teams?

Real Madrid. Barcelona. Malaga.

Who are the most popular Spanish soccer teams?

Real Madrid is the most popular spanish soccer teams

The names of three famous soccer teams?

Manchester United, Barcelona, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Chelsea.

What are the names of the soccer teams in France?

french tunderstorm

What are all the pro soccer teams names?


Who are the most famous women soccer teams?

the matildas

What are the names of the soccer teams?

There are hundreds of thousands of football teams. Nobody knows all of them.

What does AD stand for before a spanish soccer teams name?

The AD in football teams' names such as AD Almeria, AD Alcorón stands for Agrupación Deportiva - or Sports Association.

3 famous spanish soccer teams?

Real madrid, barcelona, valencia 1.Fc Barcelona 2. Real Madrid 3. Valencia fc

Famous soccer team in Italy?

The best soccer teams is A.C. Milan!!!! FORZA MILANO Juventus anyone?