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Thunder And Miles

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Q: What are the names of the two mascots of the Denver Broncos?
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How many super bowls do the Denver broncos have?

The Denver Broncos have won two Super Bowl titles in six appearances.

How many rings broncos have?

The Denver Broncos have won two Super Bowls and thus have two rings.

How many chamionships have the Denver Broncos won?


Have the Denver Broncos won any Super Bowls?

Yes. The Denver Broncos won two Super Bowls.1997 (XXXII) and 1998 (XXXIII).

What was the Denver broncos called before they were called the Denver broncos?

They were called the Kansas City Scouts between 1974-1975. The Scouts played two years in Kansas City before moving to Denver and ultimately to New Jersey to become the Devils.

How many Super Bowl rings does the Denver Broncos have?


Did Brian Dawkins retire after 1 year with the Broncos?

No. He signed a two year deal with Denver Broncos.

When did the Denver Broncos switch to the NFL?

The Denver Broncos, like all of the other AFL teams, became an NFL team in 1970 when the two leagues merged.

How many franchise wins do the Denver Broncos have?

Through 2012, the Denver Broncos have an all-time record of 384-313-7. Their postseason record is 17-15.

How many nfl titles have the Denver Broncos won?

Two - 1997 and 1998.

Name of two brothers that played for the Denver Broncos?

champ and boss bailey

Names of two mascots for the 2004 Olympics in Athens?

Athena and Phevos