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The current quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons is #2 Matt Ryan. Drafted in 2008 from Boston College.

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Q: What are the names of the quarterbacks that play for the Atlanta Falcons?
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What state does Atlanta Falcons play for?

Atlanta, Ga

Do the falcons play Jan 3 in atlanta?


Who did the Atlanta falcons play in there first game?

The Atlanta Falcons first game was against the then Los Angeles Rams, the Falcons lost 14-19.

What city and state do the Atlanta Falcons play at?

Downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

Who do the Green Bay Packers play this weekend and where?

Atlanta Falcons in Atlanta

What team does Michael turner play for?

Atlanta Falcons

Who did Warrick Dunn play for?

he played for the Atlanta falcons

Where did falcons and Seahawks play in 2013?

They play at the Falcon's stadium in Atlanta

Do the Atlanta Falcons play football on Halloween 2010?

No, the Atlanta Falcons do not play football on Halloween 2010. They have a BYE week, as do the Ravens, Bears, Browns, Giants, and Eagles.

How long did deon sanders play for the Atlanta Falcons?

Deion Sanders played for the Atlanta Falcons from 1989 through 1993 (five seasons).

How many years did Michael Vick play for the Atlanta Falcons?

Michael Vick played six seasons for the Atlanta Falcons (2001-2006).

How long did Tim Green play for the Atlanta Falcons?

Brett Favre played quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons. His very first pass for the Falcons was intercepted and returned for a touchdown.