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The four divisions that make up the NFL are the east, north, south, and west.

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Q: What are the names of the four divisions make up the NFL?
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How many divisions are in the NFL?

There are eight divisions in the NFL. Four in the AFC and four in the NFC.

How many divisions are there in the NFL?

There are eight divisions in the NFL. Four in the AFC and four in the NFC.

What are the names of all the divisions in the nfl?

There are many divisions in the NFl.The main divisions are the North, South, East and the West.

What are the four NFL divisions?

East West North South

How are the NFL divisions divided since 1960?

In 1960, the NFL had two conferences, the East and the West, and there were no divisions within either conference. The East conference had 6 teams and the West Conference had 7. In 1967, the NFL broke the two conferences into four divisions, the Capitol, Century, Coastal, and Central. Four teams were in each division. When the AFL-NFL merger occurred in 1970, each conference, American and National, had three divisions. Those were the East, Central, and West. Five teams were in each conference's East division and four were in both the Central and West. In 2002, with the addition of the Houston Texans as the 32nd NFL team, each conference was divided into four divisions from three. The new divisions were the East, North, West, and South. Four teams were in each division.

How many different divisions are there in the NFL?

The 32 teams of the NFL are divided evenly into two conferences, AFC and NFC, and each conference is made up of four divisions, North, East, West and South. Therefore, the NFL is divided into a total of eight divisions, each containing four teams.

How does a team in the NFL get into the playoffs?

There are four divisions in each of the two conferences in the NFL. The eight division winners make the playoffs and the teams with the two best records in each conference that did not win their division make the playoffs as 'wildcards'.

How many NFL conferences?

2 conferences AFC and NFC with four divisions in each conference

How many leagues does the NFL have?

The NFL is one league with two "conferences," the NFC and AFC. Each conference consists of four "divisions" (north, south, east and west), and each division contains four teams.

When did the NFL realign its divisions?

2002. The most recent realignment of NFL divisions was before the 2002 season.

How many out-of-conference games does an NFL team play?

NFL teams play four interconference games per year. One division from the AFC plays one division from the NFC, cycling through all the divisions on a four-year rotation.

What are the names of each NFL division?

The NFL is split into the American Football Conference (AFC), and the National Football Conference (NFC). Each conference is split four ways: North, South, East, and West. Each division contains 4 teams for a combined total of 32 teams. The NFL puts each team in certain divisions depending on where each team is located.

How many divisions make up the NFL?

There are eight division...made up of 32 teams total.

Why did the ny giants win the 1927 NFL championship but not the NFL east?

there were no divisions

Are there are currently 10 divisions in the NFL?

No, there are eight divisions in the NFL. The NFC North, South, East and West, and the AFC North, South, East and West.

What was the first Year the NFL has six divisions?

1970, the first year of the AFL-NFL merger. Prior to the merger and starting in 1967, there were six divisions in professional football ... 4 in the NFL and 2 in the AFL.

What are the NFL divisions?

East West North South

When will the NFL start another expansion team?

Probably not for a very long time, if ever. The league's current setup of eight four-team divisions is ideal for scheduling, and the NFL doesn't want to dilute its product by having too many teams

Are the Carolina Panthers in the NFC or AFC?

May 22, 2001 NFL owners vote to realign into eight, four-team divisions. In 2002, the Carolina Panthers (NFC WEST) moved to the newly created *NFC South* Where they currently remain.

How do NFL teams make it to the playoffs?

There are two conferences in the NFL and each conference is broken into four divisions. Six teams from each conference make he playoffs. In each conference, the four division winners advance to the playoffs and the two teams that were not division winners that have the best regular season record, called wild cards, also advance to the playoffs.Six teams from the NFC and six teams from the AFC make the play-offs. There are three division winners and three wildcard teams from each conference.

What was the NFL like before the merge?

In the four years before the 1970 merger the NFL was composed of two conferences, Eastern and Western. The Eastern Conference was composed of the Capital and Century Divisions and the Western was composed of the Central and Coastal Divisions. The winners of the two Eastern divisions and Western divisions played against each other in the Conference Championship with the two winners playing the NFL Championship. Prior to 1966, there were simply the Esstern and Western Conferences, with the winners playing for the NFL Championship. Of note, the site for the Championship game rotated between Eastern and Western Conferences each year, so the team that had actually won more games could be playing on the road. Finally, the two second place teams in each conference played each other in the NFL Playoff Bowl in Miami.

How many teams are there in the NFL?

There are currently 32 teams in the NFL. They are divided into 8 divisions, 4 in the American Conference and 4 in the National Conference. The divisions in each conference are North, South, East, and West.

Did any nfl team make the playoffs the last four years?


Are there NFL teams that won their divisions but did not go to the playoffs?

No, NFL rules state that a division winner has an automatic place in the playoffs.

What are the names of the divisions in the NFL?

AFC- AFC east, AFC west, AFC north, AFC south NFC- NFC east, NFC west, NFC north, NFC south