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Baseball teams do not have cheerleaders. That is something associated with football.

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2012-11-28 17:00:52
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Q: What are the names of the cheerleaders on the Atlanta Braves baseball team?
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What were the original names for atlanta?

The original names for the Major League Baseball team that is currently (as of October 2009) known as the Atlanta Braves are the Boston Red Caps, the Boston Beaneaters, the Boston Doves, the Boston Rustlers, the Boston Braves, the Boston Bees and the Milwaukee Braves.

What are the names of the 2012 atlanta braves players?

There is a lot. Look on Wikipedia's 2012 Atlanta braves season page.

What are the names of the Atlanta falcon cheerleaders?

I do not know and yall wont answer it and neither will the falcons website

What were the Atlanta Braves mascot's names in the tee-pee?

chief knockahoma

What are the players' names of the 1995 Atlanta Braves?

Chris Chambliss and Greg Olson

On what date were the Atlanta Braves founded?

The team was started in 1871 as the Boston Red Stockings and then changed their names many times until they got the name the Atlanta Braves in 1966.

The Atlanta Braves players names?

What are the names of all the players who wore number ten for the Atlanta Braves before Chipper Jones?

There were only two players that wore the number 10 jersey for the Atlanta Braves before Chipper Jones. The names of the two players are Chris Chambliss and Greg Olson.

What are all the names of all the people on Atlanta Braves?

How many cities were the Atlanta Braves ever associated with?

The Atlanta Braves professional baseball franchise began as the Boston Red Stockings, a charter member of the National Association when it was founded in 1871. When the National Association folded after the 1875 season, they became a charter member of the National League when it was founded in 1876. They played under different names in Boston, the final being the Braves, until 1952. After that season the franchise moved to Milwaukee and played there between 1953-1965. The Braves have played in Atlanta since the 1966 season.

What MLB team names start with the letter a?

The whole team names that start with A are the Atlanta Braves and the Arizona Diamondbacks but the teams' nicknames that start with A are the Astros and the Angels.

What is the value of a 1971 Atlanta Braves baseball with stamped team signatures?

Since this was only their 6th season in Atlanta they were rather new and did not have to many big names, it all depends on condition. Mint condition might get you 250-300 but worn condition maybe 150 range

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