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In Quidditch you play with four balls; - One Quaffle - Two Bludgers - One Golden snitch.

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Q: What are the names of the balls used in Quidditch from the Harry Potter series?
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What are the names of the three quidditch balls in Harry Potter?

The Quaffle, the Bludger, and the Golden Snitch.

How did Oliver Wood explain quidditch to Harry Potter?

Oliver showed Harry the different types of balls and explained what they did and which member of the team used them. He then explained some basic rules and got Harry to start practising by catching golf balls.

What was the name of the game that they played in Harry Potter?

Quidditch is a fictional sport in the Harry Potter book series. It is described as an extremely rough, but very popular, semi-contact sport, played by wizards and witches around the world. Matches are played between two teams of seven players riding flying broomsticks, using four balls and six elevated ring-shaped goals. In the Harry Potter Universe, Quidditch holds a fervent following similar to the position association football holds as a globally popular sport. The game consists of four balls: the Quaffle, the Bulgers (2), and the Golden Snitch.

When does the snitch come into play in quidditch from Harry Potter?

In a quidditch match, generally the Snitch is released before or at the same time as the other balls of the game - often before, to give it a change to fly away and become scarce, making it harder for the seekers as they are not allowed to start playing until all balls are released

Who taught Harry Potter how to play Quidditch?

On the train to school in first year, Ron taught Harry all of the rules of the game. Then, once McGonagall placed him on the team, Oliver Wood trained with Harry by first throwing tennis balls for him to catch. Then, he just trained with the team.

What are the three balls in Quidditch?

The three balls are a snitch, bludger, and quaffle.

How do you say 'balls' in Chinese?

The way you would pronounce Cho in Harry Potter.

What is a bludger in Harry Potter?

A bludger is one of the types of balls used in quidditch. There are two of them in the game. The Beaters use bats to protect their team members and to direct the bludgers at the opposing team. Bludgers are magically designed to try and knock the players off of their brooms.

Why doesn't Voldemort sparkle like Edward Cullen?

Voldemort is not a character in Twilight, he is a character in Harry Potter, who is not a vampire. Even if Voldemort was a vampire, he'd burn in the sun just as vampires do in Harry Potter. Different rules for different series. and, because he has a pair of balls.;D lol. and, he Shines!

What is the name of the glass balls in Harry Potter 5?

They're prophecies, but they don't all come true. Supposedly if you break one open, the prophecy is revealed.

What are the balls in Quidditch called?

There are three types of balls used in Quidditch:One QuafflesTwo BludgersOne Golden Snitch

What is quidditch played with?

Quidditch is played with broomsticks, which the players fly on. There are also four balls, a quaffle, a snitch, and two bludgers. It is played on a quidditch pitch with two goal hoops.

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