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The southeastern conference building officials or SCBO or it could be SCBI

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Q: What are the names of southeastern conference officials?
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Where are the headquarters of the Southeastern Conference?

The Southeastern Conference is an American college athletic conference, and the members who go to the Southeastern Conference are primarily stationed in the southeastern part of the United States. The conference is held in Birmingham, Alabama.

What conference is Alabama in?

Southeastern Conference-SEC

When was Southeastern Collegiate Rugby Conference created?

Southeastern Collegiate Rugby Conference was created in 2010.

When was Southeastern Collegiate Hockey Conference created?

Southeastern Collegiate Hockey Conference was created in 2008.

What NCAA conference is the Arkansas Razorbacks in?

The SEC (Southeastern Conference).

When was Southeastern Conference Men's Basketball Player of the Year created?

Southeastern Conference Men's Basketball Player of the Year was created in 1965.

What conference is Auburn University in?

The Southeastern Conference, commonly referred to as the SEC.

What conference is Mississippi State in?

Type your answer here... SouthEastern Conference. West Divison

In what conference does the University of Tennessee play football?

That would be the Southeastern Conference.

Which conference is South Carolina in?

The University of South Carolina is a member of the SEC (Southeastern Conference).

What conference does Mizzou belong to?

The University of Missouri, or Mizzou, is a part of the Southeastern Conference. Mizzou was originally part of the Big 12 Conference, but announced on November 6, 2011 that they would be moving to the Southeastern Conference effective July 1, 2012.

Did Florida State ever play in the Southeastern conference?