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Barcelona, Chelsea, Manchester United,Real Madrid, Valencia FC

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Q: What are the names of some famous soccer teams?
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What are some names of famous volleyball teams?

Georgia Stingers

What are the names of some famous volleyball teams and players?

Misty May

What are some names of famous softball teams?

Teh answer is the fpurple penguins, Stars;

What are the names of the soccer teams in London?

Arsenal Chelsea Fulham Tottenham Crystal palace West ham Are some of the top London teams

What are the names are some black and white famous soccer playersshow me 3 black famous soccer players and to white ones.?

Famous Black Soccer players: Pele Eusebio Jairzinho White Soccer Players: Maradona Bobby Charlton Franz Beckembaur

Can you buy shares in soccer teams?

Yes, some soccer teams. For example Manchester United (England), Ajax (Netherlands).

What teams park the bus in soccer?

Stoke, Crystal Palace, Chelsea and Fulham are some of the teams that park the bus in soccer.

What are some American soccer teams?

the Chicago Fire

What are some of the best soccer teams in the world?


What are some famous French women soccer players?

Some famous French women soccer players are: Wendie Renard, Laure Boulleau, Sabrina Delanoy, and Julie Soyer. Other famous names include: Camille Abily, Amandine Henry, and Viviane Asseyi.

What are some professional sports teams in France?

Paris Saint German, AS Monaca, Troyes are some soccer teams

What are some famous soccer teams in Toronto?

Toronto FC plays in the United States in the MLS. There may be at least one other team in the lower division of US soccer, but Toronto FC is really the only big, famous one.

What are two US soccer teams?

Sporting Kansas City, LA Galaxy and New England Revolution are some top soccer teams in the US.

What are some names of soccer equipment?


What are some of the popular soccer player's names?

some popular soccer players names are David Beckham,Freddy Adu, and Mia Hamm these are some popular men and women soccer players

Who are some of the top youth soccer travel teams in Idaho?

There are several youth soccer travel teams in Idaho. A few of the top teams are Meridian United, CDA Sting, and FC Nova.

What are some famous sports in Argentina?


What are some of the names of Brazilian famous soccer players?

Ronaldinho, Kaka, Pele, Robinho, Cafu, Ronaldo, Garrincha, Leonidas Da Silva

Are there famous sports teams in Wyoming?

There are no Professional Sports teams in Wyoming, however there are some famous sports teams including the University of Wyoming Cowboys.

What are some Houston soccer teams?

The Houston Dynamo is Houston's MLS team.

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What are some famous soccer players in France?


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Who are some famous catholic soccer players?