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FLOATER-- A serve you hit with a flat hand, making the ball not move while moving, it "floats" TOP SPIN-- Hit the top of the ball and snap your wrist to make it spin in the air There are also jump floats and jump serves...jump floats are serves that aren't tossed as high..doing your approach while have the ball in your opposite hand and doing a jump Jump serves---toss the ball high with your opposite hand and do an approach similar to spiking the ball.

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Q: What are the names of serves in volleyball?
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What is the position called when a server serves a volleyball?

every single position on a volleyball court serves. there is no specific serving position

What are two serves in volleyball?

spike and volley

Are net serves replayed in volleyball?


What is the serving position in volleyball?

the same that serves in tennis

What are two popular serves for volleyball?

over-hand and underhand

How do you decide who serves first in recreational volleyball?

rock paper siccors

What are team names for volleyball?

How about "The Spikers"

Is the server in volleyball limited to 7 serves in a row?

No, The server can have as many serves as he or she may like. As long as the opposition doesn't side-out.

What is ace in volleyball?

an ace in volleyball is when one team serves the ball and the other team cant return it. then the team that served the ball gets an ace

What are the names of the officials in the volleyball court?


What is a difficult move to learn in volleyball?

I would say jump serves are pretty difficult

Are net serves illegal in volleyball?

Absolutely, in fact in volleyball it is the predominant type of serve