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The 2012 Olympics are not being held in Beijing.

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Q: What are the names of all the countries competing in the 2012 Beijing Olympics?
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Names of countries which participated in Olympics 2008?

names of countries that participated in the Beijing olyiumpics games 2008

What are the names of the new participating countries for the Beijing 2008 Olympics?

Three countries made their first Olympic appearance at the 2008 Games in Beijing: Marshall Islands, Tuvalu, and Montenegro

What are the names of the Australians competing in the Olympics?

Natalie cook

What are the names of the new participating countries for the Athens 2004 Olympics?

The games in Athens will have three more NOC's competing than Sydney: Afghanistan, Kiribati, and Timor-Leste

What are the names of the five fuwas of Beijing Olympics 2008?

There names ar Bei Bei, Jing Jing, Huan Huan, Ying Ying, Ni Ni. They mean " Welcome to Beijing!

Former names of Asian countries?

Canton= Hong Kong Peiking= Beijing

What are all the athletes competing in the 2012 summer Olympics?

There are over 10,000 athletes competing in the 2012 Olympics. I have not even found a link that lists them in a single location under individual names. See related link

What is the name of the polish athletes competing in 2014 Olympics?

There are 59 athletes representing Poland. Their names can be found at the link below.

How many athletes from Peru are competing in the 2008 Olympics?

There are 13 on the Peruvian team. You can find out about what events they are in, and their names, by following the link.

What were the names of the 5 mascots of the Olympics held in China?

They are named Beibei, Jingjing, Huanhuan, Yingying, Nini. When their names are formed together in Chinese, it means "Beijing welcomes you".

List of filipino delegates joining 2008 Beijing china Olympics?

there are 15 filipino delegates for 2008 Beijing Olympics. i can't give their names but here are the events that you should be keeping an eye on because these are the ones that they will be competing... - archery -athletics -boxing -swimming -diving -taekwondo -shooting -weightlifting this is from a reliable source though so continue to support our filipino delegates... be proud!!! taas noo!!! FILIPINO!!! -MAE MAE 2008-

What sports is Oman competing in the 2008 Olympics?

Try Then click on athletes, then pick "Oman". You'll get pictures of the athletes with their names and their sports.

What are the names of some of the countries that take part in the Olympics?

China UK France USA

Who are the athletes from Fiji going to the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

Go to Then click on 'athletes' and pick Fiji. You'll get athlete pictures with their names and sport.

What are the names of south africans that swam in the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

One South African athlete competed in swimming at the 2008 Games in Beijing. That was Natalie du Toit who competed in the 10 km marathon and became the first amputee to compete in swimming at the Olympics. She finished 16th out of a field of 24.

How many countries are expected to take place in the Olympics and who?

204 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) or countries took part in the 2012 London Olympics. There names and the number of athletes can be found at the related

Names of American athletes competing in 2008 Olympics?

I only know 2. Superstar U.S. athletes such as pro basketball players Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are playing in the 2008 Olympics in China. They are representing the US in the Olympics for the sport of basketball. -AK.

What countries are represented in 2012 olympics?

204 countries or Participating National Olympic Committees were in the Olympics and 79 had athletes that won at least one medal. The names of the countries followed by number of athletes can be found in the related link forParticipants

Names of Irish athletes competing in 2008 Olympics?

* Introduction and Summary * Athletes - Irish Athletes in The Olympics * Sports - Sports by Irish Athletes * Schedule - When Irish Athletes and teams are competing * LIVE Olympics Coverage Online From August 9th, through to August 24th, Ireland's 53 athletes, and 6 horses compete in 13 different sports, and more than 42 different events. Ireland also has a large team of Coaches, Managers, Medical Team, an Olympic Attache - an Irish guy living in Beijing, and members of the Olympic Council of Ireland team and mentors. Alll the Irish Names, Athletes, sports and events are available and their schedule and live online coverage - at

What are all of the names of the capital of China?

There is only one, and it is Beijing.

What are the two names given to China's capital?

beijing and shanghai

Place names ending in ing?

Beijing, Chonqing, etc.

What is the reason for the order of countries in Beijing opening ceremony?

The order of the teams are presented in order of the Chinese alphabet according to the narrators on the Canadian Broadcasting (CBC) Opening Ceremonies this morning. Greece first (where the Olympics started) Then in order based on the Chinese names for each country. I think China last (the hosts)

What are the names of officials of Olympics?


What are the names of the countries that are playing in the 2010 winter Olympics?

Australia Germany Korea Turkey China Lennon England Japan America Canada