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Robert and Myra Kraft's four sons are:

  • Jonathan Kraft
  • Daniel Kraft
  • Joshua Kraft
  • David Kraft
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Q: What are the names of Patriots owner Robert Kraft's four sons?
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Who is Robert kraft?

the owner of the new England patriots

Is Robert Kraft the Owner of the Patriots Jewish?


Who was the owner of the patriots in Super Bowl 2008?

Robert Kraft.

Who is roberrt Kraft?

Robert Kraft is the owner of the New England Patriots Football Club.

Who does legal work for Robert Kraft owner of the New England Patriots?

Ropes & Grey in Boston Ma.

How was the New England Patriots pick ed?

The Patriots name was determined by a write in contest. The then unnamed team had locals send in names and Owner Billy Sullivan picked the Patriots from all the different submissions.

Who was Myra Hiatt Kraft?

She was the wife of Robert Kraft the owner of the New England Patriots. Unfortunately she passed away recently.

Who owns the Patriots Football team?

Robert Kraft is the owner of the New England Patriots. He bought the team for 175 million dollars in 1994 from James Orthwein in an effort to make sure that the Patriots stay in Massachusetts.

How much is kraft worth?

Robert Kraft Owner of the New England Patriots NFL football team is reported by Forbes to be worth 1.5 Billion

What does MHK mean on the New England Patriots jersey?

The MHK patch on the Patriots uniform is worn in honor of Myra Hiatt Kraft, wife of owner Robert Kraft, who passed away from cancer on July 20, 2011.

What are the initials of mhk on the patriot football uniforms?

The initials MHK are those of Myra Hiatt Kraft, the recently deceased (July 20, 2011) wife of Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

How did New England paitriots get there name?

When the team was purchased in 1959, the owner Billy Sullivan allowed fans to submit possible names for the team and the Patriots was the most popular name