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That depends who you ask. If you want my opinion: John Hannah, offensive guard, 73 (Best Patriot ever. No question.) Steve Grogan, quarterback, 14 Tom Brady, quarterback, 12 Vito "Babe" Parilli, quarterback, 5 Gino Cappelletti, wide receiver, 20 Bruce Armstrong, left tackle, 78 Willie McGinest, linebacker, 55 Steve Nelson, linebacker, 57 Andre Tippett, linebacker, 56 Tedy Bruschi, linebacker, 54 Nick Buoniconti, linebacker, 85 Bob Dee, defensive end, 89 Michael Haynes, cornerback, 20 Ty Law, cornerback, 24 Jim Hunt, defensive tackle, 79 Adam Vinatieri, kicker, 4 Troy Brown, wide receiver, 80 Randy Moss, wide receiver, 81 ---- Jim Nance - 35

Houston Antwine - 65

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Q: What are the names and numbers of the top 20 New England Patriots players of all time?
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