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Q: What are the names and jersey numbers of the Super Bowl players?
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What are the names of the people who are on the Bears team?

it depends what numbers the players are

How many Toronto Maple Leaf players wore the 13 on their jersey and what were their names?

there are over twenty but only three wore 13 on their jersey

What are the names of the players that wore jersey 19 in the NFL?

Bernie Kosar, Quincy Morgan, Frisman Jackson

11 grade soccer get numbers?

Soccer players are required to have numbers in order to distinguish players on the field. No two players on the same team may share a number and the numbers with names must be listed on the team roster.

What was George Sisler's jersey number?

George Sisler played before jerseys had numbers or names

What NFL team was first to use jersey names?

Well players started doing it as an option one of the first players to do this was Dan Marino and the great Bruce Lee

Has anyone ordered jerseys from c2c jerseys?

I can understanding with shipping around the holidays how they could send out a wrong jersey, but this is ridiculous, they sent me the wrong jersey twice. I received a Pittsburg Polamalo Jersey with ironed on names, logo and numbers. The jersey I ordered should have the names, logo, and numbers sewn on and embroidered. By the way you have to pay the return shipping even when they screw up.

What are the names of all the players who wore number ten for the Atlanta Braves before Chipper Jones?

There were only two players that wore the number 10 jersey for the Atlanta Braves before Chipper Jones. The names of the two players are Chris Chambliss and Greg Olson.

What color is away jersey for colts in 2011?

white with blue names, numbers and team name/symbol

What names are baseball players given?

Baseball players aren't "given" names once they make it to the majors. Baseball rosters display players' legal names. Though of course, some players have nicknames that fans affectionately refer to them with. For example, David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox is known as "Big Papi," but his away jersey still reads "Ortiz."

When did players first have their names on their shirts in a fa cup final?

F.I.F.A introduced this law in the year 1988 , for the Euro Cup, they had to have both the players name as well as the number on the back of the jersey.

When was first includ Jersey number in world cup fooball?

The names and numbers came into force in the Euro 1988.