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they are because people can remember and its history

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Q: What are the names and dates of the last four summer Olympic games?
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What are the names and dates of the last summer Olympic games?

1946 AND 2008

What are the names of the 2012 summer games mascots called?

The organisers of the 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games have unveiled the official Olympic and Paralympic Mascots, Wenlock and Mandeville.

Who ran with the olympic torch in the 1960 summer Olympics starts with r?

Searches for Olympic relay runners and those who have lit the cauldron revealed names beginning with "R" that include Rafer Johnson. He won the gold medal in the decathlon at the Summer Games in Rome in 1960, where he was also the US flagbearer. Johnson lit the cauldron at the Summer Games in Los Angeles in 1984.

The names of the cities that have held the olympic games and the years in which they held them?

2012 Olympic games was in London i love London

What are the names of the games in the London Olympics?

as in last olympic

What are the mascots of the olympic games and the names?

Wenlock and Mandeville

What was the names of country's that hosted the Olympic games?


Names of the 2010 Olympic mascots?

the Olympic mascots for the 2010 games are Sumi, Miga, Muk Muk and Quatchi!

History of Olympic swimming?

The history of swimming in the Olympics dates back to the first modern Olympics in 1896. The event has been contested in every summer games since then. Over the years many iconic names have emerged from the sport like Michael Phelps, Ian Thorpe and Janet Evans. It is scheduled to be on the program again next in the 2016 Summer Games which will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

What are the names of the new participating countries for the London 2012 Olympics?

Countries do not enter the Olympic Games. The Olympic Movement consists of international sports federations (IFs), National Olympic Committees (NOCs), and organizing committees for each specific Olympic Games.

Do names of plants and trees have to be capitalized?

Yes, the names of games are capitalized because the name of a thing is a proper noun; for example:MonopolyMInecraftCandylandGrand Theft AutoOperationAnother example, The Games of the XXVII Olympiad is the offcial title which is usually shortened to the 2000 Summer Olympic Games. Both of these are proper nouns and both are capitalized.However, 2000 summer games is not a title, it's an informal term and a common noun, which is not capitalized.

What do Olympics and Olympians mean?

olympic is sports at the olympic games. now i hope you seen the olympic games because i ain't gonna tell what the olympic games is.a olympian is a greek god i believe