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A Volleyball Player?

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Q: What are the name of a person in a volleyball game?
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What is the original name of the game volleyball?

The original Name of volleyball is Mintonette

What is the name of the game played on a volleyball court with a volleyball but it has to bounce before you hit it?

Volleyball Tennis

What is the officials of the volleyball game?

the person who officiates the game wihich is the referee

Who is the person invented the sports volleyball?

1895 - William G. Morgan invents the game of volleyball

What is the meaning of scorer of the volleyball game?

it is the person who keeps scoring the points in a game

What was the original name for volleyball?

Mintonette is the first name of the volleyball...afterwards a man noticed the game and called it volleyball (originally spelled as Volley ball)...

How do you say she plays volleyball in spanish?

Ella juega Volleyball. (Pronounce volleyball in English given the name of the game is the same.)

Who was the first volleyball player in the world?

Considering volleyball is a team game, he/she would have been a very lonely person.

What was the game called before its name changed to volleyball?


Name a famous person associated with volleyball?

Tom Selleck

What are the objectives of volleyball game?

objectives of the game volleyball

What is the former name of the game volleyball?

the former name of volleyball is called "Mintonette" , it was just change when Dr. Alfred S. Halstead suggested to change the name of the game to "Volleyball" in 1932. It's first olympic game hall in Tokyo, Japan. editor -Aimee Gillespie writer- Maddie Finn

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