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by my calculations the calves ,thighs ,arms and of course the optical nerves

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Q: What are the muscles used in surfing?
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How muscles are used in surfing?

your leg muscles mostly and you also move your whole body really

Which kind of verb tense is surfing?

The verb surfing is the present participle of surf.It is used with be verbs to make continuous tenses:past continuous - He was surfing. They were surfing.present continuous - I am surfing, He is surfing, They are surfing

What are longboards used for?


How was surfing started?

Surfing was started by the Hawaiians as a tribal activity. Chiefs surfed together as a sign of peace and surfing was also used the way it is today: as a mating offering. Lots of information is available about the start of surfing, just Google "surfing history" or "timeline of surfing."

What is the definition of surfing?

Surfing is a water sport. The person surfing rides a surfboard toward the shore on top of incoming waves. Surfing is also a word used for "surfing the internet," where one goes from one web site to another, browsing the web.

What muscles are used in roundohouse kick?

There are many muscles in the body that are used in a roundhouse kick. The abs are used, side muscles, thigh muscles, and the butt muscles.

In what kind of sports are bodyboards being used?

Bodyboards are used in surfing. They are the most popular type of board used because with a bit of experience most people can do some surfing with them.

In which sport is the term hang ten used?


What muscles are used the most in Karate?

in karate muscles mostly used are leg and arm muscles

What muscles are used in the gymnastics crucifix?

|The muscles used in a crucifix in gymnastics are your abs and your forearm muscles

Is kite surfing good exercise?

Its extremely good exercise for the upper body, arms and legs. Your muscles always ache afterwards.

What muscles are used for playing tennis?

All muscles are used, especially arm, shoulder, neck and back muscles, as well as abdominal muscles, and leg muscles.

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