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The number one most watched summer Olympics sport is soccer. The second most watched sport is men's and women's swimming.

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Women's figure skating.

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Q: What are the most watched events in the winter Olympics?
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What were the most watched sporting events in the world in 2008?

The 2008 Olympics

National game of ethiopia?

In Ethiopia, soccer is the most played sport. It is also the most watched. Ethiopia also competes in the Olympics in several running events.

What are the top 100 most watched most watched professional sporting competitions in the world?


What country won the most medals in 1996 for the winter Olympics?

There were no Winter Olympics in 1996.

What is the most watched sporting event worldwide?

Super bowl, World series, World cup of Football, Olympics

Who won the most gold medals in the 2000 winter Olympics?

The Winter olympics was not held in 2000.

Did they have the same events in ancient Olympics?

Most of the events from the Modern Olympics originally came from the Ancient Olympics but many more events have been added to the Modern Olympics...

What country won the most gold medals in the 2006 winter Olympics?

Germany had the most gold medals at the 2006 Winter Olympics with 11.

Name 3 team events of Olympics?

There are a lot of Team events in the Olympics here are a couple: * Summer Olympics: * ** Basketball *** Baseball *** Soccer (aka Football) *** Volleyball *** Relay Races * Winter Olympics * ** Hockey *** Bobsled *** Men's Team Pursuit Speed Skating

Who has the most gold medals in the 2010 winter Olympics?

Canada won most gold medals (14) overall in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

What country won the most gold medals in the 1998 winter Olympics?

Germany won the most gold medals at the 1998 Winter Olympics with 12.

How many different Winter Olympic games are there in total?

The Winter Olympics were first held at Chamonix in France in 1924. Since then, the Winter Olympics have been held every four years, except 1940 and 1944 when they were cancelled due to the excesses of Herr Hitler and others. The most recent Winter Olympics were held in Vancouver, Canada in 2010. There were 7 sports with a total of 86 different events contested.