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Q: What are the most safeties recorded in a COLLEGE football game?
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Most safeties in a college football game?

In 2001 Wake Forest had 5 safeties in one college football game. The Wake Forest Demon Deacons are part of the Atlantic Coast Conference.

What is the loudest decibel ever recorded at a college football game?


What are the most safeties recorded in an American football game?

The NFL Record is 3 by the 1984 L.A. Rams L.A. Rams (3) vs. N.Y. Giants (0), Sept. 30, 1984

How do you get 6 point in a football game?

score a touchdown, or score 2 field goals. Or three safeties!

When was the first American football game recorded?

The first American football game ever recorded was on November 6, 1869. The two teams playing were Rutgers and Princeton, two college teams from New Jersey.

Who scored the greatest amount of touchdowns recorded by one player in college football game?

12 t.d.

What were the most fumbles in a college football game?

The most fumbles in a College football game were 9.

What football team scored the most points in one game?

Georgia Tech beat Cumberland 222-1 in 1916. This is the highest score ever recorded for a college football game.

What do you see at every college football game?

a guy who shouldn't be in college football

Can a college level HS football player play in a college game?

If someone is a high school football player why would he be eligible to play in a college football game?

2010 What was the highest scoring college football game ever recorded and what?

Michigan vs Illinois 67-65 Michigan win

Can you get college fantasy football for free? has a free college football fantasy game

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Most safeties in a college football game?

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