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296, done by Adrian Peterson of the Vikings. Before him, Jamal Lewis had the record, rushing for 295 in a single game.

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Q: What are the most rushing yards ever gained by one person in one game?
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Who has the most rushing yards ever?

Emmitt Smith with rushing 18,355 yards.

What division 1 college has the most rushing yards ever?


What running back had the most rushing yards ever?

Clem Daniels

Who has Most rushing yard ever?

Emmitt Smith with 18,355 yards

Who has the most college rushing yards ever in division 1 football?

Ron Dayne

Who is better Walter Payton or Barry Sanders?

Walter Payton has more rushing yards then Barry Sanders and Barry Sanders have the prettiest dang yards ever gained. All in all. Barry Sanders was the second best RB in the world according to stats. But Walter Payton was better.

Was Franco Harris ever chosen as MVP in a Super Bowl?

Yes, Franco Harris was selected MVP of Super Bowl IX won by the Steelers, 16-6, over the Minnesota Vikings. He gained 158 yards on 34 rushing attempts and scored 1 TD.

What NFL play has the most rushing yards ever?

On January 5, 1983, Tony Dorsett of the Dallas Cowboys ran 99 yards for a touchdown in a Monday night game against the Minnesota Vikings.

Does rushing water ever freeze?


Who had the most rushing yards in college?

As of December, 2008 the answer to this question is Nate Kmic from Mount Union College. Kmic finished one of the best seasons ever for a college running back and now holds college football's record for career rushing yards with 8,074 yards. This season Kmic ran for a record 2,790 yards with 43 rushing and 44 total touchdowns as he led the Purple Raiders to their 10th NCAA Division III National Championship with a 31-26 win over UW-Whitewater.

What team's 119 offensive yards was the fewest ever for a Super Bowl?

Minnesota Vikings. The Vikes gained 119 net yards against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl IX.

What is the most yards ever gained in a Super Bowl by a team?

602 by the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl XXII against the Denver Broncos.

Who holds the record for the most career rushing yards in the NFL?

Michael Dickerson While Eric (Michael is a basketball player) Dickerson holds the record for the most yards rushed in a season with 2105, it is Emmitt Smith who holds the record for most rushing yards in a career with 18,355. Emmit Smith. Followed by Walter Payton who is the best running back ever to play the game. Rest in Peace Walter.

Is Jim brown the best running back ever?

Yes. He led the league in rushing 8 out of 9 seasons. Retired as the NFL all time rusher and still holds records for yards per carry and yards per game.

How many rushing yards does James starks have on the packers only?

James Starks has only ever played for the packers. He is a rookie as of the 2010 season. He rushed for 101 yards in the regular season. He rushed for 189 in only two games in the post season. So total... he has 290 rushing yards. It is only Jan. 19th right now. He still has two more games to play in the post season if they can beat the bears.

What did Walter Payton do?

He was a running back for the chicago bears in the 70's through the 80's. He broke the record of having the most rushing yards in a game with over 250 yards (it has been broken) He is known as the best running back ever.

Did earl ever gain over 100 yards against the steelers?

Yes ... Earl Campbell had one 100 yard rushing day against the Steelers, that coming on December 10, 1979 when he rushed for 109 yards in an Oilers 20-17 win.

What is the fewest yards ever gained in a super bowl by a team?

119 by the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IX against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Vikings lost 16-6.

Did Brett Favre ever lead the league in rushing?

no he is a quarterback dum butt

Who was the first draft choice ever for the New England Patriots?

That would be running back Ron Burton out of Northwestern University. Burton played 5 seasons with the Patriots and had career totals of 1536 rushing yards on 439 attempts and 111 pass receptions for 1205 yards. He scored 8 career rushing TDs, 9 career pass reception TDs, and 1 TD on a return of a missed field goal. He still holds the Patriots record for the longest return of a missed field goal (91 yards).

Who was the Patriots first draft choice ever?

The Boston Patriots first ever draft choice was halfback Ron Burton from Northwestern University. Burton played with the Patriots from 1960-1965 and had career totals of 1536 rushing yards, 111 pass receptions, and 19 TDs. He holds the Patriots team record for longest return of a missed field goal at 91 yards.

Has any quarterback ever threw for 3000 yards and rush for 1000 yards in a single season?

Five players have thrown for 3,000 yards and rushed for 1,000 yards in a season, but only one has done it in a 12-game regular season:Johnny Manziel (Texas A&M, 2012)12 games: 3,419 passing / 1,181 rushing (4,600 total)13 games: Stats from the Cotton Bowl (1/4/2013) to be addedThe other four needed yardage from conference championship games and bowl games to reach the 3,000/1,000 mark.Vince Young (Texas, 2005)12 games: 2,769 passing / 850 rushing (3,619 total)13 games (bowl): 3,036 passing / 1,050 rushing (4,086 total)Dan LeFevour (Central Michigan, 2007)12 games: 3,175 passing / 838 rushing (4,013 total)13 games (conf. champ.): 3,360 passing / 1,008 rushing (4,368 total)14 games (bowl): 3,652 passing / 1,122 rushing (4,774 total)Colin Kaepernick (Nevada, 2010)12 games: 2,671 passing / 1,029 rushing (3,700 total)13 games (conf. champ.): 2,830 passing / 1,184 rushing (4,014 total)14 games (bowl): 3,022 passing / 1,206 rushing (4,228 total)Chandler Harnish (Northern Illinois, 2011)12 games: 2,692 passing / 1,351 rushing (4,043 total)13 games (conf. champ.): 2,942 passing / 1,382 rushing (4,324 total)14 games (bowl): 3,216 passing / 1,379 rushing (4,595 total)

What is the most yards Herschel Walker ever rushed for in a single game?

283 yards.

What is the most yards an NFL team has ever had to go on third down?

62 yards

Did the Baltimore Ravens ever have the best defense?

The 2000 Baltimore Ravens team broke several NFL defensive records by allowing only 970 rushing yards, 5 rushing touchdowns, 2.6 yards per carry, and 26 fumble recoveries. They also bested the Chicago Bears' long held record for fewest points allowed in a single 16-game season (165). The Ravens finished off the 2000 season with a win in Super Bowl XXXV.