What are the most popular goalie pads?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Well, mostly now all of the pros are wearing the Reebok Premier 3 series. Nike Bauer is also a fairly popular brand.

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Q: What are the most popular goalie pads?
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What is the difference bbetween pro ice hockey goalie leg pads and senior ice hockey goalie leg pads?

the size of the leg pads

What are the parts of a goalkeeper kit in hockey?

Caged goalie mask, heavy goalie pads (shoulder and chest), large leg pads, a goalie blocker and glove, (buy according to right/left handiness) and a large goalie stick (also according to right/left handiness) also a protective cup, neck guard, and elbow pads. knee pads (like roller blade pads) and goalie skates

How can you make your own goalie pads?

use bubble rap for leg pads

How do you make your goalie pads wider?

stand on them

What are the best goalie leg pads?

brian or vaughn

How do you measure hockey goalie leg pads?

Generally, most goalie pads have their measurement on the side or tag of the pads. But, remember that most pads are measured differently from company to company. So there are a verity of ways to measure your pads, but what you can do (if your ordering by internet) is to measure from the ankle bone to the center of the knee cap, and send this to what ever company your ordering from. Most of the ones I've seen will check that you will fit the pads. Other than that, you will need to go to what ever company made the leg pads and see how they measure it.

What pads does Antti Niemi on the Chicago Blackhawks wear?

Antti Nieni's goalie pads are TPS.

What pads do you need for lacrosse?

Mandatory equipment include a helmet, arm pads, shoulder pads, gloves, lacrosse stick (obviously), and a cup (highly recommended). One optional piece of equipment is a rib guard. Goalies need special equipment such as goalie stick, goalie chest pad, throat guard, and padded goalie pants.

What size are Roberto Luongos goalie pads?


Who makes goalie pads?

The best pads are by vaughn, reebok,tps,and bauer. Just to list a few

Where can you get road hockey goalie pads for a good price?

walmart or zellers

Are ccm gatekeeper goalie pads eleven inches?

No they are a 12" pad.