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I believe the most popular driver is the Titleist 905r Driver.

Their new model the Titlesit 907D2 will probably take the mantle in the future

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โˆ™ 2008-04-08 15:28:29
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Q: What are the most popular drivers on the PGA tour?
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What are the Most popular irons on the PGA tour?

What is the most popular irons used on the PGA tour ANSWER: I think it's the Taylormade R1 and Callaway drivers..

What are the most used clubs on the PGA tour?

Taylormade is the most popular club manufacturer on the PGA Tour, closely followed by Titleist.

What is the most popular irons used on the PGA tour?


What golf clubs are the most popular on the PGA tour?


Most popular irons shaft flex on PGA tour?

X Stiff would be standard for a PGA Tour player.

What is the most popular iron shaft on the PGA tour?

Dg x100

What is the most popular hybrid club on the PGA tour?

Probably the Adams brand.

What are the most popular shafts used on the PGA Tour?

Answer by FutureLPGAgolferTour GAT shaft, and YS-6 shaft are the two most popular.

Most popular driver flex on PGA tour?

The most popular driver flex on the pga tour would be an X flex shaft . For high swing speeds. And a weighting of anywhere between 66 to 90 gram shaft roughly.

What is the most popular golf shoes on the PGA Tour?

Footjoy, Icon and SYN-R-G. Then Adidas, Tour 340 4.0s and Adipures.

When was PGA Tour created?

PGA Tour was created in 1968.

What tour in golf is after the pga tour?

The Nationwide Tour would be the tour before the PGA Tour, the top 25 on the Nationwide tour at the end of the season win PGA Tour cards.

Can rescue clubs be used in PGA tour?

Yes, and they are very popular. You will rarely find a PGA Tour pro who doesn't use one. On the Champion's Tour and LPGA/LET Tour they are extremely popular, with players having at least one, but some players carry as many as 3.

Who has played in the most PGA tour events?

Sam snead

Who has earned most money in the PGA tour?

tiger woods

When did the PGA European Tour start?

The PGA European Tour started in 1984.

When was PGA Tour on USA created?

PGA Tour on USA was created in 1982.

When was PGA Tour of Australasia created?

PGA Tour of Australasia was created in 1973.

When was PGA Tour on ABC created?

PGA Tour on ABC was created in 1966.

When was PGA Tour on CBS created?

PGA Tour on CBS was created in 1956.

When was PGA European Tour created?

PGA European Tour was created in 1972.

Which sport is associated with the PGA Tour?

The PGA Tour is associated with the sport of golf.

How much XP is needed to get drivers in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14?

Drivers in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 cost XP in order to unlock these clubs. With that in mind, each club comes with a set XP in order to unlock that particular one.

Most wins in golf for a PGA career?

Sam Snead, he won 82 PGA Tour titles.

Most popular driver on the PGA tour?

That would be the latest TaylorMade driver! Currently the R9 that will be available to the public in March some time.