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six...3 balls and 3 strikes, or 2 strikes and 4 balls.

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Q: What are the most pitches that can be thrown to a batter without the batter ever making contact with the ball?
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How can batter reach first without making contact?

base on balls, or hit by pitch.

What is the official score on a batter stepping out of batter box and making contact with the ball and bat?

ask an umpire

Is batter called out if he steps on home plate?

If the batter touches home plate, while making contact with the plate, he is out.

How can a batter reach first base without hitting the ball?

In order to reach base without making contact, a batter could draw a walk, get hit by a pitch, be intentionally walked, or reach first on a passed ball after a strike out (i.e., batter swings and misses, and catcher drops the ball, allowing the batter to reach first base, if first base is free). Without collecting a hit, a batter can also reach first on a fielding error or a fielder's choice, which means that a fielder decided to attempt a defensive play at a base other than first base, allowing the batter to reach first base. You missed a Wild Pitch - wild pitches and passed balls are scored separately.

What is a quality strike in baseball?

Locating a pitch just on the corner or making the batter swing at pitches he shouldn't should be quality strikes, but it depends on opinion.

What does pitches means?

In baseball, action starts when one player, called the pitcher, make a pitch, that is, throws the baseball towards the batter, who attempts to hit with his bat. "pitches" refers to the number of pitches made. Making pitches is tiring and the pitch count helps the manager or anyone else try to predict how long a pitcher can continue to be effective.

What force is applied to something without making contact with the object?

Gravitational force or magnetic force.

Can batter touch home plate when swinging at a pitch ball?

well you can do anything you want. first of all both feet have to be in the batters box while making contact with the ball. if your foot is on home plate while making contact with the ball you are out!!

Can you score a basket when you are out of bounds if you throw the ball on the court and it goes in without making contact with a player?


After an infield hit can the batter be tagged out for making an attempt to go to second base without crossing the first base line?


Is the batter out if he steps on home plate after he hits the ball?

No. Home plate is considered fair territory and is treated as any other part of the field. However, if the batter is stepping on home while making contact with the ball, he is out for having touched the ball in fair territory. ---------- The above is not necessarily true. The rule says if the batter has all of one or both feet out of the batter's box when making contact with the pitch, he's out. But it's certainly possible for a batter's toe to be on the plate while his heel is on the inside line of the batter's box, and he would be legal. Next time you watch a Major League game, look for the inside line of the batter's box. In most ballparks, they don't chalk the inside line. Why? Because then it's up to the umpire to decide if, in his judgment, the batter's entire foot was out of the batter's box when he made contact with the pitch. It makes for fewer discussions with the Managers. And by the way, if the entire foot is out of the batter's box, and the batter makes contact with the pitch, he's out, whether he hits the ball fair or foul.

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