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Contact is probably, to me, the biggest rule but umpires fail to notice it time after time. Contact can be little but it can also be a very big thing. If a player accidentally knocks another and the umpire sees it, it is contact but also someone running through a player can cause injury. Obstruction is another big one, keeping your 3-feet from the player when the player as the ball is very important, you don't want to get pulled up when your opponent has the ball and you have to stand next to them putting no pressure on them at all. 3-feet is about a meter or it is the length of the center circle. Stepping can ensure safe play, by if you step funny you could injure yourself but you can do that in many other ways. I think that there are only really two rules that ensure safe play but there are many other rules in the game of Netball that you have to abide by.

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They usually have to wear white, they need a whistle. They need to stay off the courts during the game, however they can cut corners if it doesn't interfere with the match play. They cannot be biased in any way and they should be consistent with their calling (eg. can't call stepping for some of the time but then not call it, they need to keep calling it when it happens), they need to be clear and easy to understand, both with their voices and hand signals.

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picking up contact so no one will get hurt.

the blood rule- if a player on court is hurt and is bleeding the player must immediately be taken off court or given a band-aid to hide the cut and blood.

all jewelery and piercings must be taken out or off and or taped up with first aid tape to ensure that no player gets hurt by a piercing or piercing

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- Correct footwear must be worn

- Correct plaing kit must be worn

- All Hair tied back

- Remove all jewellery

- All Participants must have short nails

Theres more bits and bobs about netball all over the internet and in many netball books,

What i have wrote is only small and simple rules but once you know a few you then can identify many more on your own.

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Q: What are the most important rules in netball to ensure safe play?
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