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  1. The three main components of fitness in football are:

Agility, Speed and Muscular power

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Q: What are the most important fitness components in football?
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What are the components needed for football or netball?

As with most team sports, there are many components of fitness that are important for success in football (soccer). In football, aerobic fitness is one of the most important attributes, closely followed by anaerobic fitness (running speed and repeat sprint ability) and agility

What are the components of physical fitness requirements for football?

The cmponents of physical fitness requirements for football are aerobic fitness would be one of the most important attributes, closely followed by anaerobic fitness (running speed and repeat sprint ability) and agility. you need a high level of cardiovascular fitness...

What fitness components must you have for volleyball?

Fitness Related components For Volleyball are:Agilitybalancepowerspeed and reactioncoordinationhand-eye coordinationMost of the above are the same for most Sports, e.g Football and Rounders.

Why is co-ordination needed in football?

Coordination is one of the components of fitness that is needed in football. Coordinationis the ability to use the sense and body parts in order to perform an act accurately. This is probably the most important component of fitness. If you are not good at it, this mean that you wouldn't be able to do the simple skills such as passing the ball, dribbling or shooting.

Which sport between football and ice skating includes the most fitness?

To be honest football includes the most fitness I have seen loads of football games and the training. And the ice skating training. It's the truth :))

The health related components of physical fitness are most associated with what?

How fast you improve.

What is the 2 most important components in creating implied texture?

The two most important components in creating implied texture are?

What are the most important components of a forest ecosystem?

what are the components of a forest ecosystem

Wellness and physical fitness are different?

Wellness and physical fitness are releated, but they are certainly different. "Wellness" is usually described as having several components, one of which is physical fitness. Physical fitness is an important aspect of wellness, but there are other components of wellness too. In other words, a person will most likely NOT be "well" unless they are in good physical shape for their lifestyle. Likewise, a person can be physically fit and NOT be "well," due to other components of Wellness. Typically, the other components of wellness are psychological / emotional health, social health, and even economic health.

What are the 4 components of personal fitness?

The components of personal fitness may vary from person to person, depending on who you ask. Four of the most well-known components might include flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and muscular endurance. Other components include body composition and speed.

What are all of the components of fitness?

In the most simplest form: Cardio Strength Training Stretching Balanced Diet

Cardiovascular fitness is considered the most important aspect of physical fitness because?

it reduces risks for chronic disease

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