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The 1998 Yankees won a then-record 114 games in the regular season. Including the playoffs, the team won a major-league record 125 games.

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Q: What are the most games won by the n Yankees in one season?
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What major league baseball team has had the most regular season games in one season?

The 1998 Yankees won the most regular season games. The Yankees won 125 games in 1998. 114 games in the regular season and 11 more in the postseason.

How many games do the Yankees Play in one season?

The Yankees as well as everyone else in the major leagues play 162 games a season.

How many games do the New York Yankees play in one season?

Like every other MLB team, the Yankees are scheduled to play 162 regular season games.

What MLB team has had the most stolen bases in one season?


Which team has the record for pitching the most strikeouts in one season?


How many games do the New York Yankees have left to play until the regular season is over?

Through September 28, 2010, the Yankees have four games remaining. One at Toronto and three at Boston.

How can one purchase season tickets for the New York Yankees?

One can purchase season tickets for the New York Yankees via online booking at tickets providers or at the stadion of the New York Yankees before the season starts.

Who won the most games in one MLB season?

The Cubs (1906) and Mariners (2001) who won 116 games in one season.

What American League baseball player has most RBI in one season?

That is Lou Gehrig of the New York Yankees who had 184 RBIs in the 1931 season.

After firing Yogi Berra after the 1964 World Series whom did Ralph Houk hire as the new manager of the Yankees?

That was Johnny Keane who managed the 1964 Cardinals against the Yankees in the World Series. Keene lasted one season (1965) and 20 games into the second season (1966) with the Yankees before being replaced by Houk.

How many games did the New York Yankees win in 1978?

In 1978, the Yankees finished the regular season with a 100-63 record. This included a one-game playoff against the Boston Red Sox.

What was the most games ever played by an nba team in one season?

An NBA team plays 82 games per season, but including the post season they could play as much as 110 games.

What is the most games won by Cleveland Indians in one season?

They won 111 games in 1954.

What are the most games the Denver Nuggets win in one season?


Who played catcher for the Boston Red Sox in 1967?

The '67 Red Sox used several catchers that season with Mike Ryan getting in the most games as catcher. Ryan caught in 79 games, Russ Gibson caught 48 games, Bob Tillman caught 26 games before being traded to the Yankees for Elston Howard, who then caught in 41 games for the BoSox and even George Thomas got in one game as a catcher for Boston that season.

Which team lost the pennent in their last game in both 1948 and 1949?

In 1948 the Boston Red Sox finished in a tie with the Cleveland Indians, and lost a one game play-off to finish second in the American League. In 1949 The Red Sox had a one game lead on the Yankees with two games left to play in the season. They lost both games against the Yankees, and finished in second place one game behind the Yankees.

Who was the last New York Yankees pitcher to win 20 games in one year?

On September 28, 2008, Mike Mussina beat the Boston Red Sox for his 20th win of the season. Mike was the last pitcher to win 20 games for the Yankees. He finished the season with a 20-9 record. He also became the oldest first time 20 game winner in baseball history.

What NFL team has lost the most OT games in one season?

The Lions

What pitcher has appeared in the most games as a Yankee without ever starting a game as a Yankee?

Sparky LyleSparky Lyle never started a game for the Yankees, and appeared in 420 games 6th on the Yankees all time list for games. Mike Stanton 4th on the list with 456 games had one start, and Mariano Rivera number 1 in games with 917, started 10 games for the Yankees.

Most runs scored during the 2007 season by one player?

In Major League Baseball that was Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees with 143.

Who are the 2 relievers in New York Yankees history to record as many as 46 saves in one season?

Dave Righetti saved 46 games for the Yankees in 1986. Mariano Rivera saved 50 games in 2001 and 53 games in 2004.

Who has the most homers in one postseason for the Yankees?

Bernie Williams and Alex Rodriguez have the most Postseason home runs as a Yankee in a single season with 6. Williams did it in 1996, and Rodriguez did it in 2009.

What New York Yankee team has won the most wins in one season?

1998 New York YankeesThe 1998 New York Yankees won 114 game and lost 48.

How many games are there in regular season baseball and playoffs including the world series?

The most games played in one season including playoffs are179. ( Not including Spring Training )

What NFL team has played the most night games in one season?

Baltimore ravens