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The most famous sport in Spain is football!

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Q: What are the most famous sports in Spain?
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Related questions

Famous sports figure from Spain?

There are several famous sports figures that are from Spain. A few of the most famous are Jorge Lorenzo, Fernando Alonso, and Pau Gasol.

Is tourada a sports?

Yes tourada is a sports. It is a famous sports played in Spain.

What are Spain's achievements in sports?

spain are most famous for their football teams and won the 2010 worls cup and 2008 and 2012 european championship

What are famous sports from Spain?

Spain has world class soccer teams and bike riders.

What are Spain's most famous cities?

Spain's most famous city is it's capital, Madrid.

What sports are played in Spain?

Soccer, tennis, golf, skiing, and hang gliding are the most popular sports in Spain.

Is Spain famous for certain sports?

Soccer i think; it's one of the main sports that they are recognised for globally....

What type of sports is famous in Spain?

Bullfights, pelota, football, handball...

What is the most famous tourist attraction in Spain?

The Prado Museum in Madrid is probably the most famous attraction in Spain.

Which is the famous sports of australia?

Cricket and rugby are the most famous sports in Australia.

What are the most famous countries in Spain?

Spain is a country.

What is Sarah Spain known for?

Sarah Spain is famous for being a writer and presenter, particularly in Sports news. She works for ESPN and is a Sports News anchor, particularly in the Chicago area.

Is Spain famous for its wine?

Yes there are many famous wines that come from Spain, the most famous is probably Rioja

What are Spain's most traditional sports?

football (soccer)

What is Spain's most famous sight?

Museo del Prado is the most famous of the lot which are there in Spain.

Is there any famous sports teams in the Netherlands?

Ajax is probably the most famous sports team in Netherlands.

What are the most famous mountains in Spain?

The Sierra Nevadas is southern Spain.

Who is a famous chef in Spain?

Ferrán Adrià is the most famous chef in Spain he makes the delicous food in the world

What are he most popular Sports in Aragon Spain?

soccer or futbol

What are the most famous sports car brands?

lamborghini and ferrari are very known famous sports car brands

Which food is Spain known for?

Spain is most famous for their rice dishes and seafood. They are also famous for how much meat they eat.

What region in Spain is most famous for its windmills?

La Mancha in central Spain

What is the most famous mosque in Spain?

Probably the Mezquita Mosque in Cordoba, Spain

What is the most popular instrument in Spain?

the trumpet was the most famous

Is capoeira one of the worlds most famous?

It is capoeira is one of worlds most famous sports