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polished rocks

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Q: What are the most expensive skateboard bearings in the world?
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How much is the world's most expensive skateboard?


Are skateboard bearings universal?

Pretty much. Most skateboards, quads, inlines and scooters use the same industry standard "608" sized bearings.

What is the most expensive truck in the world?

what is the most expensive truck in the world

What is a complate skateboard?

A complete skateboard is all the components of a skateboard already set up and ready to ride. Most skate shops sell completes, but most people like to build there own, that is to buy all the components (deck, trucks, bearings, wheels, hardware and griptape) and then assemble the board themselves.

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Where can you find bearings on your skateboard?

The bearings are usually silver looking discs that are in the wheels. They can be any color, but since they are usually metal, the most common color is silver. When you assemble a skateboard, you have to press the bearings into the wheels before you put the wheels onto the trucks. This is what gives you speed, not the wheels. Bearins are rated usually ABEC 1 - 7 (except for bones). Basically, the higher the number the faster they will be, but also the price.

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What is the most expensive skateboard?

From my search it is likely the BMW Streetcarver, priced at $1295.00 in the traditional board. For a motorized board the winner is the Tami Rhino off road at $1999.00 and the Bushpig at $1499 The most expensive real skateboard is the almost mullen uber light.

What is the most expensive superbike in the world?

i think it is Dodge Tomahawk the most expensive and fastest bike in the world...

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