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A regulation NBA backboard will be rectangular shaped and 54 x 32 inches in diameter.

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Q: What are the measurements of the regulation NBA basketball backboard?
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Basketball Back board regulation size?

A NBA regulation backboard is 72" wide x 42" high

What is the regulation size of a basketball back board?

A regulation backboard in the NBA has the dimensions 6 ft x 3.5 ft.

What dimensions are a rounded basketball backboard?

The dimensions for a rounded basketball backboard in the NCAA is only slightly different than the dimensions for a rounded basketball backboard in the NBA. NCAA regulations allow the basketball backboard to be 4 feet high,Êwhile the NBA requires that the basketball backboard be no more than 3 1/2 feet high.

What is the regulation size of NBA backboard?

72 inch

What is the measurements for the NBA backboard?

4 feet by 4 feet

Weight of a glass NBA basketball backboard?

1,864 lbs.

How much does a basketball NBA backboard cost?

Approximately $400

What size is the square on the backboard?

The official NBA basketball backboard is 72 inches (6ft) by 42 inches (3.5ft)

How big is a NBA basketball cort basket to basket?

From end-line to end-line it is 94'. From backboard to backboard it is 86'.

Basketball board sizes?

Regulation backboard sizes are the ones most commonly used in the NBA as well as in other areas. They are six feet wide by 42 inches tall.

What is a NBA regulation basketball made of?


What is the wieght of a basketball?

the NBA regulation weight for a basketball is 3 lbs

What size is NBA backboard?

Regulation backboards are 6 feet wide (72 inches) by 42 inches tall. All basketball rims (hoops) are 18 inches in diameter. The inner rectangle on the backboard is 24 inches wide by 18 inches tall.

What is the Maximum length in feet of a regulation basketball court?

A regulation NBA basketball court is 94 feet in length

What is the thickness of the backboard in basketball?

2/8ths on crap, 1/2 inch on NBA

What is the length and width of a basketball backboard?

Basketball backboards actually come in many shapes and sizes. However, a backboard used in the NBA measure 72 inches long and 42 inches tall.

How big is a regulation size basketball?

A regulation size basketball is between 29.5 and 28.975 inches in circumference. This is the standard used by the NBA

What is the rules and regulation of basketball?

The link has the official rules for the NBA.

How hong is a basketball court?

A regulation NBA basketball court is 94' long by 50' wide.

How much is the height of basketball board?

The regulation height for a NBA and NCAA basketball hoop is 10 feet.

What is the perimeter of a regulation basketball court?

An NBA court is 94 feet long and 50 feet wide. Therefore, the perimeter of a regulation NBA court is 288 feet.

What is the regulation size for basketball nets?

The regulation size for basketball nets are all the same at ten feet. The regulation for high school, college, and the NBA/WNBA use nets that are ten feet high.

What is the height of the Rim of the basketball?

An NBA regulation rim is 10 feet high.

How large is the backboard on basketball goals?

The standard basketball backboard measures 1/2 inch thick by 42 inches high by 72 inches wide. In the National Basketball Association (NBA), their backboards include a rectangle in the center that measures 1.5 feet high and 2 feet wide.

What is a lay up in a basketball game?

In the NBA, a layup is when the player takes FOUR steps towards the basket and leaves off one foot (usually opposite of shooting hand) and attempts to score a basket (backboard or no backboard). The term is the same in NCAA, and HS basketball just 2 steps instead of the NBA 4 stepper.