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100m 110 hurdles 200m 300m 400m 800m 4x400 4x800 4x200 1600m 3200m

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Q: What are the marks on outdoor track?
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What does it mean when track marks look brown?

Why do track marks look brown

Ratio for indoor times to outdoor track?

It is estimated that outdoor track is faster then indoor, however there is no set equation for this theory.

How long is a track?

Depends on the track; Indoor- 200m Outdoor- (older) 440m, (newer) 400m

What would the track of an outdoor velodrome be made of?

Usually concrete.

What does three laps around an outdoor track equal?

the answer is 1200

Will the track lighting be safe outside during the rain and wind?

There are several kinds of track lighting available, many specifically designed for outdoor use. When following installation correctly, outdoor track lighting will be safe outside during the rain and wind.

How many times around an outdoor track is a 4x100meter relay?

Well if its your typical 400m track, then 4 times.

What would a teacher use a spreadsheet for?

for keeping track of marks and stuff

Where do you start for a 400 meter race?

You normally start a 400m race (outdoor track) at the same place as 800, 1600 and possibly 300; which isn't a common event in outdoor track and field anyway

What is the width of a standard athletic track?

100 meters (the total track is 400 meters around) for outdoor highschool tracks

Where should you look for track marks?

near train stations

What are some words to describe track?

a path or marks you can follow