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I believe soccer is probably the major sport in Zambia

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Soccer is the major sport in Zambia.

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Q: What are the major sports in Zambia?
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What is Zambia a major producer of?

Zambia is a major producer of copper.

What sports are in Zambia?

Some of the sports played in Zambia include boxing, golf, and rugby. Other sports in this part of Africa include soccer, squash, and volleyball.

What sports are played in Zambia?


What is the name of the current minister of health Zambia?

Geoffrey Mwamba is the Minister of Defense for Zambia.

What kind of crops does Zambia grows?

Tobacco, corn and cotton are Zambia's major crops.

What is zambias major industry?

Zambia's major industry is mining.

What is Zambia's major exports?

Zambia's main exports are copper, cobalt, tobacco and hydro electricity.

What are the major geographical features of Zambia?

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What is the major airport in Zambia?

Lusaka International Airport is the countries most important airport. It serves the capitol of Zambia, Lusaka.

What metal is a major export of Zambia?

copper first, then cobalt

What are the major cities of Zambia?

Lusaka, Ndola and Kitwe are the main cities.

What are Zambias major exports?

Zambia's major exports are copper, cobalt, nickel, soybeans, cotton and tobacco.