What are the main rules in afl?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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  • have to dispose of the ball legally: either wilth a kick or a handball (no throwing the ball)
  • no contact at any stage above the shoulders
  • when tackling, you have to tackle from above the knees and below the shoulders
  • when tackling you are not allowed to fall into your opponents back
  • you are only allowed to tackle an opponent if they have the ball, however you are allowed to bump the opponent if the ball is in a distance of 5 metres
  • you have to bounce the ball at least once every fifteen steps taken
  • if you kick the ball through the two largest posts at your attacking end it is a goal and your team is awarded 6 points
  • if you kick the ball inbetween one of the large posts and small posts or if it hits the large post, then it is a point and your team is awarded 1 point
  • if you catch the ball on the full without anyone else touching it, it is a mark and you cannot be tackled or made contact with after you have been awarded the mark, until the umpire calls play on
  • you can gain free kicks when an opponent does something that is against the rules towards or near you, also if you takle your opponent when they have had prior opportunity to dispose of the ball you will be awarded the free kick
  • you cannot be tackled once you have marked the ball or been awarded a free kick until the umpire calls play on, the umpire will only call play on if you run around off your mark or if you take too long disposing of the football
  • if you kick the ball out of bounds on the full then the opposition will be awarded a free kick
  • if the ball goes out of play after touching the ground atleast once there will be a boundary throw in
  • if some is tackled without prior opportunity to dispose of the ball and it is held in then the umpire will throw the ball up to resume play.
  • at the start of the match and after each goal is kicked the umpire will bounce the ball in the centre circle to begin play, there is only allowed to be four players from each team in the centre square until the umpire has bounced the ball and only 1 perso (the ruckman) in the centre circle during this time until the umpire has bounced the ball

i hope this helped a bit :)

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Q: What are the main rules in afl?
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