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The main languages of China are Mandarin Chinese (by far the most common, the one normally taught in foreign countries), Wu (Shanghainese), Cantonese (Hong Kong) and Min (Southeast China).

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Q: What are the main languages of China?
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What are china's two main languages?

cantonese and mandarin

What are the four main languages spoken in China Korea Thailand and Japan?

China - MandarinKorea - KoreanThailand - ThaiJapan - Japanese

Is mandarin and Chinese China's main languages?

Mandarin is spoken over 70% of Chinese people, and Chinese is not a language.

What are the official languages of China and Taiwan?

The official language of both countries is Chinese.For the languages of the People's Republic of China, click here.For the languages of Taiwan (Republic of China), click here.

What are the languages on China?

Chinese and Mandarin

Which countries speak non indo European languages?

Many countries in the world speak non Indo-European languages as their main or official languages, such as Israel Egypt Saudi Arabia Iraq China Japan Korea Hungary Finland

What are the world's main languages?

It depends on what you mean by "main languages". Here is a list of languages with the most native speakers:MandarinEnglishSpanishHindi-UrduArabicBengaliPortugueseRussianJapanesePunjabi

What are Canada's two main languages?

English and French are the two main languages of Canada.

Main Chinese languages?

The standard language in China is Mandarin, though other regional languages such as Cantonese, Wu, Hakka, Xiang and Gan are also spoken by millions of Chinese people around the world.

What are the main two main languages spoken in South America and why do we still speak these two main languages today?

The two main languages spoken are Spanish and Portuguese and we continue to speak them because over the years they have become our native languages.

What is the main language in a America?

If you are referring to the United States, the main language is English.If you are referring to the American continents, there are about 10 main languages and over 200 minor languages. The main languages include:EnglishSpanishPortugueseFrenchDutchGuaraniQuechua

What are some of ancient china languages?


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