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Pelamis Wave Energy Converter

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Q: What are the machines used for wave power called?
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When was Wave Machines created?

Wave Machines was created in 2007.

Can wave power be used any were?


What is wave power used for?


What uses wave power?

There are only a few countries experimenting with wave power, that is, collecting the energy of waves. (This is not the same as tidal power, which is the energy from the tides.)Diffferent kinds of equipment is used. Some machines float on the surface and use the up and down movement of the water. Others are attached to the sea bed and catch the side to side movement.Countries using wave power include:SpainPortugalUnited KingdomAustraliaUnited States

What is Power from the crests and troughs on the sea?

Its called wave power as each crest and trough makes one wave.

What is wave parameters?

The wave parameters are the machines in which wave-leanth is mesaured.

Is wave power used in Scotland or could it be?


Is tidal power used in Britain?

can tidel/wave be used in Britain

Can you do the kamehameha wave?

yes u can do it because there is someu can thing called kamehameha you can used it with a magnifing glass with the solar power of the sun

Where can one learn more information about a wave machine?

More information about wave machines such as safety equipment can be found online on the manufacturers' of wave machines website. Be sure to select the correct model.

Is wave power efficient?

wave power is efficient.

What are natural resources are used for?

Natural Resources are used to make everything on the planet. The ocean is a natural resource, and it can be used to generate wave power.