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Depending on manufacturer your average name brand iron set degree of loft is as follows;

3 iron 21* of loft { The higher the # the higher the ball goes

4 iron 24 *{ The lower the # the further the ball goes

5 ----27 { * represents degree }

6-----30 *

7-----33 *

8-----37 *

9-----41 *

pw=pitching wedge any where from 45* to 48*

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Q: What are the lofts of the Irons for a set of Affinity Golf Clubs?
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Is there a list of lofts for all golf clubs?

On clubs such as the Driver, fairway woods rescue clubs and wedges usually have their lofts on them. For irons you can get a list usually from the manufacturers website.

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What is the hosel size for Ben Hogan bh5 golf clubs? irons

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Yes, They Make Great Drivers And Irons.

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Well a full set of golf clubs has 14 clubs but a half set usually only has 7 clubs. I would recommend half sets to beginners in the sport golf because when starting out you only need to use the basic clubs: driver, irons and putter. But when you get ore experienced at golf you should mive up to full sets where they have more of a variety of irons and woods and wedges. I hope this helps :-)

What is three different type of clubs in golf?

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