What are the levels in soccer?

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There are 3 different levels of soccer (in order)



3) Classical

Hope this helps.

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Q: What are the levels in soccer?
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What year did blacks get to play soccer?

Black people have played soccer at all levels since its organization.

What are the different levels in US soccer?

U6 , U8 , U10 , U12, U20

What is a Class-A soccer referee?

Soccer referees are graded by levels, not by classes. Informally, a referee might be considered "Class A" if they are certified International referees.

Did johncena use to be a soccer player?

NO. While John Cena is a big soccer fan and supporter, he never really played soccer at the professional level. He may have played at lower levels.

Do all soccer players wear shinguard?

Shinpads or shinguards are compulsory at levels of football

What skills you learn when you play soccer?

get better fitness levels and accuracy with shooting the ball

Who gets paid more European soccer or rugby players?

Soccer players are paid vastly more at the professional levels than rugby players

What sports require the highest fitness levels?

Probably soccer because you are running for 90 minutes strait

How much do you get paid in women's soccer?

Just like in men's soccer you get paid based on your skill levels, not everyone on the same team will be paid the same amount. In a woman's soccer league you will be paid $250 on average, per. game.

Do elite soccer players automatically have higher levels of confidence?

No they do not, elite soccer is much harder than the lower levels of soccer. I am an elite soccer player,and alot of times i don't have that confidence, same with my other teammates; that's whyy your couach is gonna make you go through alot of drills to build up that confidence.In elite soccer you wont just automatically have a higher level of confidence. ( your couach and you teamates will help build up that confidence.) :D

How many people play?

I'm not sure if all of the soccer teams at all levels play with the same amount of people, but in high school soccer we have 11 people on the field including our goalkeeper.

Countries that soccer is played in?

Due to its world-wide popularity, and the number of nations which participate in the World Cup, it is reasonable to say that soccer is played in every country, both on amateur and professional levels.

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