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The fewest passes attempted by both teams in an NFL game is 4 by the Cardinals and Lions in 1935 and the Lions and Rams in 1937.

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Q: What are the least passing attempts in NFL game?
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Least passing yards allowed in NFL game?

-53 Denver vs. Oakland, Sept. 10, 196717 Yards passing and -70 on 7 sacks

Is there a NFL game with 0 rushing attempts?


What is the most passing yards by a quarterback in one NFL game?

Steve young had 340 yards in a playoff game which is the most passing yards a quarterback has thrown in a NFL game.

What is the least amount of passing completions in an NFL game and won and by who?

2 the 2011 Denver broncos. Qb-Tim Tebow went 2-8

Most pass attempts in NFL game?

70 by Drew Bledsoe

Who had the most passing yards in an NFL game?

Norm Van Brocklin. 554 passing yards. 1951.

What is the NFL rookie single game pass attempts record?

Bruce lee

What nfl quarterback had the most rushing attempts in a game in 1950?

otto graham

Who holds most yards passing in an nfl game?

Drew breeze

Who has the most passing touchdowns in a single nfl game?

Peyton manning with 9

Which NFL quarterback has the most passing yards in their first game?

Cam Newton

Who has the most career passing touchdowns in NFL history?

I'm not shure but i think its Tom Brady with 511 passing yards in one game

What is the NFL Passing Yards Record in One Game?

554 passing yards by Norm Van Brocklin of the 1951 Los Angeles Rams in a game against the New York Yanks.

Who threw the most passes in an NFL game?

As of the 2007 season, the NFL record for pass attempts in a game is held by Drew Bledsoe of the New England Patriots who threw 70 passes in a game against the Minnesota Vikings in 1994.

What NFL player holds the record for passing the most yards in a single game?

As of the start of the 2008 season, the NFL single game record for passing yardage is held by Norm Van Brocklin of the Los Angeles Rams who threw for 554 yards in a game against the New York Yanks in 1951.

Which NFL quarterback has most passing yards in single game?

Drew Brees in 2011-2012

Least sacked QB for NFL 09'?

That was Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts who was sacked 10 times in 571 pass attempts for an average of 1 sack every 57.1 pass attempts.

What is the most combined passing yards in a NFL game?

Lions - Packers January 1st, 2012 971 combined total passing yards.

Record for attempts and completions for drew bledsoe?

Patriots QB Drew Bledsoe set single game NFL records for pass attempts (70) and completions (45) in a overtime game in 1994 against the Minnesota Vikings. The Patriots won that game 26-20.

Who holds the career record for average passing yards per game?

In the NFL through 9 games of the 2010 season, that is Peyton Manning with a career average of 262.6 passing yards per game. Kurt Warner is second at 258.8 passing yards per game.

What is the record for fewest pass attempts in an NFL game?

By a starting quater back that played the entire game..... Tim Tebow 8, 2011

Who hold the record for most rushing attempts in one NFL game?

Jamie Morris, 45 on December 17, 1988.

Single game passing yards boomer esiason?

Boomer threw for 522 yards in a game in 1996 - third most in nfl history.

Who has the least yards passing in an NFL playoff win?

Several quarterbacks have managed to win with zero passing yards. I am not aware if anyone has ever managed a win with negative passing yards, but it is entirely possible. The forward pass was not a big feature of the game in the early days of the NFL. During the Super Bowl era (ie. since 1966) the playoff record is 34 yards, held jointly by Joe Flacco and Bob Griese.

What is the most passing yards in a NFL game and still lost?

521.Dan Marino of the Miami Dolphins threw for 521 yards in a 44-30 loss to the New York Jets on October 23, 1988. That is the 4th highest passing yards total for a game in NFL history.