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there are no laws to Skateboarding , you do what you feel .

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โˆ™ 2010-12-04 17:42:40
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Q: What are the laws for skateboarding?
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What are the skateboarding laws in Maryland?


What are the laws on skateboarding?

were a helmet and pads aalways

What is a list of the laws against skateboarding?

where a helmet and dont get caught

Is there any skateboarding laws in Maine?

The state of Maine doesn't have any laws against skateboarding, but the individuals towns and cities are given authority to define and regulate the activity themselves.

What are the laws against skateboarding?

theres to many let us skate

What are the skateboarding laws in Washington D.C.?

There are several existing DC statutes (usually so-called 'public nuisance' regulations) that are employed to control and regulate skateboarding but, to my knowledge, there are no laws that have been passed to control this specific activity.

How does skateboarding defy the laws of gravity?

They aren't defying gravity. They are simply stunts & tricks.

Is skateboarding like skateboarding?

skateboarding is 1/4 like skateboarding

Who invests in skateboarding?

skateboarding people......

What is better hockey or skateboarding?


What is better for your health surfing or skateboarding?


How is skateboarding a sport?

Its not <----FAIL Skateboarding is a sport

Who made skateboarding a sport?

Skateboarding is NOT a sport.

What is more popular skateboarding or biking?


Why is skateboarding good?

Skateboarding is an exercise and a skill.

Does skateboarding make you skillful?

Yes, at skateboarding

What types of laws are there for skateboarding?

Mainly dont skate here or dont skate there or wear your helmet. thats mainly all of the,

Is skateboarding an activity or a sport?

Both - skateboarding is popular with children, and so too are skateboarding competitions.

You played skateboarding you were skateboarding What is the difference?

not proper grammar

What is the best way to get sponsored for skateboarding?

be good at skateboarding

Are there any skateboarding lessons in norwich?

No, there are no such things as skateboarding lessons because skateboarding is not a sport it is a lifestyle and is individual.

What are the best bearings for skateboarding?

Reds are the best bearings for skateboarding.

What does skateboarding mean in Spanish?

skateboarding in spanish is monopatin with an accented i

Who sponsored element in skateboarding?

lolwut? Element is a company in skateboarding...

When did The Simpsons Skateboarding happen?

The Simpsons Skateboarding happened in 2002.