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Im guessing here...nervous and skeletal?

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Q: What are the last systems to react when you kick a soccer ball?
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What easier to do kick a Bowling ball 40 yards or kick a Soccer ball 40 yards?

It would be much easier to kick a soccer ball forty yards.

What is goal in soccer?

It is when you kick the soccer ball in the net.

Does the size and weight have affect on how far it travels when you kick a soccer ball?

the size does have something to do with the distance a soccer ball can travel.the bigger the ball, the more scoop you can get when you kick the ball. also, the more pumped a soccer ball is, the more force will be needed to kick it farther.

How do you pass in soccer?

you kick the ball.

How do you kick a free kickin soccer?

You kick the ball. That's how.

What are the core skills of soccer?

one of the core skills of soccer are: actually knowing what soccer is knowing how to play soccer not be afraid to kick the ball know how to kick the ball be a fair sport

How do you kick a soccer ball properly?

to kick a soccer ball properly do not use ur toe! kick either with ur laces or with the inside side of ur foot.

Where might it possible to kick a soccer ball and have it never slow down?

You can kick a soccer ball (football) in outspace and it will never slow down.

How do you win the ball from a striker in soccer?

kick the ball away from them

What is an in step kick in soccer?

a step kick is where you punt the ball out of bounds

How do you kick a nonrotating soccer ball?

With your foot.

What do the soccer players use to kick the ball?

They use soccer cleats.