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sometimes good ones sometimes fail ones. sorry :-)

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Q: What are the kinds soccer skills does Mexico soccer team use?
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Where is the soccer team chivas US from?

Chivas soccer team is from Mexico

Who has the best soccer team?

Mexico has the best soccer team and it is Cruz Azul.

What is Mexico's soccer team?

The national team of Mexico is Seleccion de futbol de Mexico.

Is the soccer team Mexico the rival of the soccer team Puerto Rico?

no because Puerto Rico doesn't have an international team and Mexico is rivals with the US

Where is the soccar team atlas from?

The soccer team originates from Mexico.

What kind of drills does a professional soccer team do?

They do all kinds of drills to help the soccer team get better.

Is football a sport in Mexico?

Mexico has a national soccer team and a national cricket team. They are called the Mexico national football team and the Mexican cricket team.

Which is the best soccer team from Mexico?

Pumas u.n.a.m

When was the first time the Mexico soccer team played?


Who is the top soccer team in Mexico?

According to the IFFHS, Monterrey.

What are the names ofr the Mexico soccer team?

oswalda sanchaz

Who is the best soccer team Mexico or Japan?

It is Mexico... Actually, this is a subjective question and depends on who you ask.