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they are the contractors initials

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Q: What are the initials on cavalry spurs?
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Why do bikers wear spurs?

It is a tradition brought over from the Cavalry. A single spur is worn on the right boot in remembrance of a fallen Brother. Some riders are also members of The Order of the Spur, a tradition in the US Cavalry in which a Trooper is awarded his Combat Spurs after engaging in combat or completing a Spur ride.

What is San Antonios slogan?

Spurs! Spurs! Spurs!

Who are Spurs?

Spurs is a nickname for the sporting teams ; San Antonio Spurs, Witbank Spurs F.C. and Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

What is the motto of St Albans Spurs?

St Albans Spurs's motto is 'We're the Spurs'.

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Who has a better team laker or spurs?


What Christmas song has the first line initials htgstsc?

Stop The Cavalry by Jona Lewie Hey Mr Churchill comes over here to say were doing splendidly

What type of battle formations were designated for cavalry units in the US Civil War?

For the most part both sides in the US Civil War had the identical theories on cavalry combat. Civil War generals such as George B. McClellan, Henry W. Halleck emphasized the saber. West Point instructor, Dennis Hart Mahan held the same ideas. Of course cavalry was also vital in reconnaissance. Few commanders expected cavalry units to rely on firearms. The "saber and spurs" theory believed cavalry charges designed to break through enemy infantry lines was the best technique.

What breeds of roosters do not have spurs?

Spurs are a genetic trait of the male. I am not aware of any breed without spurs.

How do you say go spurs go in spanish?

Go spurs Go = Vayan, los Spurs, Vayan

What is a 7 letter word for mounted soldiers?

Cavalry. Cavalry

What is the full name of spurs?

San Antonio Spurs.