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An important volleyball tournament is the FIVB, which is an important international tour, and the AVP, which is important for most Americans. The Olympics is also an important tournament.

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2013-04-04 22:27:08
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Q: What are the important volleyball tournaments and venues?
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What are the important tournaments for volleyball?

FIVB is an important international tour. AVP is an important tour for Americans.

What are the important tournaments held for volleyball?

FIVB is an important international tour. AVP is an important tour for Americans.

What are the names of some famous volleyball tournaments?


What is club volleyball?

club volleyball is like traveling basketball its a handpicked volleyball team that travel to different tournaments to play games

Where do they sell spandex?

Usually you can get spandex shorts from volleyball tournaments

Average salary of a beach volleyball player?

Depends how many tournaments the players win..

How many volleyball tournaments has Misty May won?

During the Career of Mistay May she has played in many tournaments placing anywhere from 1st place to 25th place. All in all, she has won approximately 110 tournaments.

How Long Is Professional Volleyball Season?

Professional volleyball season begins in mid August and lasts for 2 months until mid October. It consists of seven tournaments.

When did Misty May Treanor start playing volleyball?

She started tournaments with her dad when she was 8...thats all i got.

Why is the power important for volleyball?

power is important in volleyball so that the opponent will have a difficulty in retrieving the ball. . .

What is volleyball played on?

Typically Volleyball is played on a wooden gym floor, but it can be played on many surfaces such as a plastic material called "Sport Court" which is easily assembled and disassembled for tournament play in non gym venues. Also, volleyball can be played in the sand.

Is volleyball played national local or reigonal?

Volleyball is played at all levels. You have local leagues and teams, regional tournaments for these club teams and nationals once a year for these teams. for example, i play for Alpine Volleyball Club. We play in the Columbia Empire Volleyball Association (a regional subdivison of USA volleyball) and we are going to Kentucky for the JDVA national tournament. Also, volleyball is played internationally.

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