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The vuvuzela (English pronunciation: /vuːvuːˈzeɪlə/ voo-voo-ZAY-lə), also known as lepatata (its Tswana name) and stadium horn, is a 65 cm (2 ft) plastic blowing horn that produces a distinctive noise.

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Q: What are the horns at the world cup called?
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Should those bloody horns be barred from the football world cup?

I would ban them

What are the African horns blown at a soccer game called?

Watching the World Cup? Are the announcers being drowned out by what sounds like a swarm of angry bees? You can thank those tiny plastic horns, called vuvuzelas, which are a staple of every South African football game.

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What is the name of the instrument they use at the World Cup?

The instrument played at the world cup is called a "Vuvuzela"