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The answer is not what you want to hear. Most sales jobs are good, but it is the MLM that you actually work like Quixtar, Primerica, and such that will get you the return if you work there plans. They smoke the next highest in OR medical sales or medical equipment.

*** Based on the mandatory disclosures in most of the larger MLMs, if you were to average all the active reps and not just the President's Double Executive Diamond earners, most MLMs pay a fraction of minimum wage even if you assume the reps are devoting just 2 hours per week.

Conversely, if you are going to talk about the top salesmen, there are fields such as commercial insurance sales, where the top earners make multiples of the single highest paid sales rep in ANY MLM you can name. The best life insurance salesmen earn in excess of 8 figures. I know because I used to work for one, and he wasn't in a large firm, either. ***

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Q: What are the highest paid sales position?
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