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Q: What are the highest achievements of lee Chong wei in badminton?
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Who is the champion of Badminton?

Lee Chong Wei

Who has the best serve in badminton?

lee chong wei

When did Lee Chong Wei start playing badminton?

Lee started playing Badminton at the age of 8.

Who is the words best badminton player?

lee chong wei

What is the national sport of Malaysia?

of course badminton. lee chong Wei is the one who plays badminton

Why is Datuk Lee Chong Wei famous?

Because of his badminton he was famous.

Is Badminton important to Lee Chong Wei?

No, he loves to play tennis.

Bila Datuk Chong wei mula bermain badminton?

Datuk Lee Chong Wei mula bermain badminton semasa beliau berumur 11 tahun.

Who is the number 2 badminton player in the world?

Datuk Lee Chong Wei.

Apakah Jasa Lee Chong wei terhadap negara Malaysia?

dia ialah seorang ahli badminton. dia ialah ahli badminton terbaik~coklat

Who is a Malaysian favorite badminton player in 2011?

The Malaysian favourite badminton player in 2011 is Datuk Lee Chong Wei.

Who are some of the most popular badminton players in the world?

Lee Chong Wei from Malaysia