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Q: What are the goals of the HAZCOM Standard?
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What is a hazcom deficiency?

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What are the relationship between values goals and standard?

Relationship between values goals and standard

Compare and contrast the purpose of the hazcom standard and the superfund act what is each designed to do?

The purpose of Hazard Communication Standard is proper evaluation of the hazardous material at the workplaces to ensure health of the employers and the employees while Superfund Act is concerned with the cleanup of the hazardous waste site.

What is the purpose of hazcom?

Hazcom or hazard communication is the Occupational safety & Health standard or OSHA' standard that addresses how an employer will communicate to workers what substances they work with that are safety/ health hazards- what it can do to you, fire fighting methods, first aid measures, protective equipment required, who made it, and transport safety classification. A material is hazardous if it can poison you, set you on fire, eat holes in you, cause birth defects, etc. Radioactive materials are not included (they have their own standards). It does not address food, beverages, cosmetics, tobacco, pharmaceuticals or pesticides. The standard also addresses labeling of containers. You may have seen one of the forms used in HAZCOM, the MSDS, or Material Safety Data Sheet which is one of the important training that workers, specially those dealing with hazardous materials must take up as it is one of their only tool to ensuring their own health and safety.

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) labels alone comply with HAZCOM labeling requirements.?


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T or F National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) labels alone comply with HAZCOM labeling requirements.?

False (ESAMS)

How effective are PLOCS in achieving enterprise goals standard?

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What is hazard communication?

Hazard communication is the process of letting people know about the hazards of materials or processes they may be exposed to. The US Occupational Safety & Health Administration has a standard under this topic that deals specifically with communicating the hazards of chemical materials used in the workplace. It does not address radioactive materials, food, beverages, cosmetics, tobacco, pharmaceuticals or pesticides. A recently issued revision to this standard, intended to harmonize US requirements with requirements elsewhere, is called HAZCOM 2012.

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