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In addition to specific skills, you need hand eye coordination, control, speed and agility.

To start off, first you need to have a correct gripping on your racket. The two common grips are the forehand grip and the backhand grip.

As the name suggest, the forehand grip is for hitting shuttles on your forehand side of your body. The backhand grip is used on hitting shuttles on your backhand side of your body.

The second thing that I consider it as an integral part of Badminton Basic Skills is the Serve. There are four different types of serve, each having their own purpose and characteristics. I suggest that you master the high serve first as it is very useful in a beginner's game.

The third and final thing that I think it's equally important is to have a correct forehand overhead throwing motion. A good forehand overhead stroke is formed upon a good overhead throwing movement.

You can practice this movement using your racket without actually hitting the shuttle. Alternatively, you can hold a shuttle or a ball in your hand and practice throwing it out.

List of Fundamental Skills:

a. grip - forehand and backhand

b. stance and court position - "ready position"

c. movement on the court - "feet, body, arms, head, "feints"

d. performance skills:

1. serve - low and short, high and deep, flick, drive

2. clear shot - offensive and defensive: overhead,


3. drop shot - back court, mid-court, net hairpin

4. drive shot - cross court and down-the-line

5. smash/kill shot

6. block shot - drop, straight, angled

7. round-the-head shot

e. common errors and their correction

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You need to be able to serve, but it has to be underhand, and you have to hit it across the serve line on the other side of the net. then you need to figure out how much power and work on accuracy to hit it back, but the trick is to try to hit it as far as possible or line drive it at them. some cases if your opponent hits it short, just barely over the net just tap it to go on other side, almost guaranteed to win the the serve or point.


Serving ability





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The fundamental skills in badminton involve aim, muscle control, eye-hand coordination, positional awareness, and quick reaction, especially in foot movements.

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smash shot, drop shot, over head clear

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Q: What are the fundamental skills in playing badminton?
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